PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels


Over time in a Garage, Drywall can crack and collect moisture, paint will fade and get dirty easily, damages will be made from kids kicking around, these PVC Panels gives you the peace of mind knowing you will be free from all that hassle also making your walls waterproof.

Designed with a high-strength polymer formulation and engineered to be the perfect alternative to traditional FRP and Drywall systems. These PVC panels gives your walls & ceilings a smooth finish that is easy to clean, low-maintenance, and abuse-resistant making it perfect for both residential and commercial uses. 


1/2 inch thick panel – industry leading thickness combined with unique truss design provides high strength and rigidity 

  • Superior Durability – scratch, dent and damage resistance makes wall and ceiling board a great drywall alternative 
  • Easy to clean – use standard soap, detergents, or common disinfectants without impacting the finish 
  • Sanitary surface – plastic wall panels won’t support the growth of mold or bacteria 
  • Moisture resistant – create waterproof walls that can be used in any wet location and won’t deteriorate 
  • Chemical resistant – stands up to cleaners required in commercial food/agriculture facilities 
  • Easy to install – interlocking pvc wall panels are quick and simple for DIY or professional installers 
  • Hidden fasteners – design provides a beautiful, smooth finish on your wall or ceiling 
  • Available in white and gray (Pantone 427 CP) – match or compliment any project you design 
  • Bright clean appearance – high reflectivity of vinyl panels reduces the need for light fixtures 
  • Supports attic insulation loads – PVC ceiling panels provide strength and beauty as a ceiling cover 
  • Economical – PVC panels are a cost-effective alternative to fiberglass reinforced plastic panels or painted drywall   
  • Class A Fire Rating – allow for uses throughout a building (in sprinklered or un-sprinklered applications)

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